Straddling two worlds must lead to a fall.

In my case, I had to fall toward Duke Rezohodo and Quelrun in their attempt to free all the people from my home plane from chaos. Ejnar and I gave them the potions of enlarge person we had been saving to make them big. I made everyone more resilient, and Ejnar made us all work a bit faster. Then I charged the guards in front of the door, knocking one down that I could gore easily. Yablo, Hagrox, and Ejnar moved up, giving the guards other targets to attack while I blinked in and out, smacking them down. Drixson and Aedra kept the goat guards wrapped up from behind the line we made.

And then, I crashed through the door.

Once we saw the throne room, I charged right through the swarm of freaky monks. I grew in size and power through my magic and my morningstar to halt before a demon that ended up still being smaller than me after I was done. Stone gargoyles swarmed Ejnar when she tried to attack them, but I delayed her death long enough so that they were no threat to her. Then I delayed death for myself so that once I stopped blinking, the demon was no threat to me.

The gargoyles swarmed me, trying to prevent me from killing the demon as it moved around to threaten Shyrrik and Drixson. But I was so big that I could take down the demon from afar, then smack all the gargoyles out of existence with a single hit each. Meanwhile, Ejnar disintegrated the annoying rat man who made my blood vessels swell and pop, then she did it to the king of Cheolia, who had been hurting Drixson, Hagrox, and Yablo.

Once we finished, I dragged the stone out from under the throne. Even shrunk back to my normal size, I could lift it, but it was hard. Then Duke Rezohodo told me the stone could transport the party back…but not everyone. And even better, he asked me to stay with him and help him personally make a portal for everyone to get back!

But I had to leave my friends to do it. And the world I have known with them, the first world in which I have felt like I could do something good. But maybe that was just training for working in the world I lived for almost 30 years. To make something even bigger of myself. To do what I thought I could always do.

So now, I have said goodbye to my friends. I have kept my stone from Glim to try to stay in touch with the party while we work. I think I may have to start with some diplomacy to the mole people. They will be upset at what we did. I may have to show them the emperor. Oh, how this will make my head hurt.

And I managed to do even more this time than Duke Rezohodo! And Quelrun! I never thought that would happen. But…what if I end up always doing more than them? No, that is not going to happen. They have been here for so long; they must know what’s happening better than I do. We will find a way to put our people back home, then we will make sure no one from this place can get back to our world.



Mindosia Puldren