Davish is dead

I could always save them. My friends. When they fell. I could always bring them back.

But not Davish. I couldn’t get to him in time. I couldn’t reach him. So he died.

I feel awful. Like I can’t do anything rite. And I’m mad. I want to kill all the things that killed Davish.

And maybe this is what happens when I kill orcs and things. Maybe their friends have the same feelings. Maybe they feel real sad when I kill people they fite with.

So what do I do? Do I kill them all when we fite so no one is around to be sad? But then what about their friends who weren’t fiting? Wouldn’t they still be sad?

So do I then really have to kill all of them? Every last orc and goblin and other thing? That’s a lot of killing. I can’t do that all.

But what if I don’t kill them at all? Then they will just try to kill me and my friends. And then they make my dad Glim and everyone who knows us sad. And then they would fite back.

I have to get strong enuf so I can keep everyone alive. Then we would have to work things out without fiting. All of us.

If Amrit can do that why can’t the rest of us?

Davish is dead

Mindosia Puldren