Entry 10

I do profess that the elf is in all her former glory these past days, with her most outstanding qualities preserved so pristinely for the lot of us to enjoy. Not the least of which is a baffling lack of sensitivity. Yes, she most surely is in proper form. She appeals to us of her ordeals within the Cheolian machine, and to that I spit upon the ground. Perhaps the next occasion on which one of my familiars chooses to blindly fling themselves into an infernal oblivion, I should make just a slightly more passionate effort to sort through the burning rubble and unrecognizable gore strewn about in their wake. Let me trade one failure for another, so that I might continue to feel all the more worthless in all this.

The audacity of her to ask me of that letter, I tell you I have never ached with such fury. T’would have been a glorious potion to drink of, had she asked that of me prior to our battle, for I might have sought therapy in the expulsion of my rage upon our enemies. I simply cannot fathom that she is so oblivious to the effect her brash actions had upon us all. And her implicit accusation, that I was not there to rescue her from the clutches of Mirabella? While my archery may have improved, I am sure that I cannot strike the heart of an enemy that stands far over the horizon. How dare she! It was she that purposefully sabotaged my wishes to keep her from harm.

I will not belie my motivations, nor disown my feelings. But this woman tries me like no other, and it is all I can do to keep my good senses. What does she make of me, that she would so freely debase my honest intentions as if she presumes to know me a great deal more intimately than she does. I will be on point in ensuring that sh

(The entry ends abruptly.)

Entry 10

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