Entry 2

We have become so quickly entangled in this conflict of nations that I have scarcely been able to recall my motivation for even agreeing to ride along in the first place. We were accosted by a group of Orcish grunts, and I laid them to waste with my bow. Never before have I taken the life of a sentient creature. The gravity of the situation has been made aware to me, and I am shaken.

The constant bickering of this assemblage does little to quell my uneasiness with these ventures. We are the most disparate sorts that ever walked together, I think. I am sure that their frustrations are only furthered by the realization that we are entirely removed from any organized municipality, and for the time being we are each others’ only succor. Though, there is a strange sense of security when standing together with the persecuted. Of course, then the rogue Yablo put a damper on any inkling of comfort with his transformation. I see no true evil in that man, but he makes me wary.

We met with a minotaur noble, Quelrun. He instructed us to take our party to the northlands, where we would find answers, amongst other things. What I can make of the entire situation is this; the entire continent seems to be infected with political impostors, and it all has something to do with Cheolia, and that woman Mirabelle. Back in Frichosia, I noticed that the ire of certain individuals was aroused when she entered into the hall. There seems to be more to this story than I could ever hope to uncover myself, even as I feel that I have been thrust into a primary role in it. The sense I get of entering into matters most grand is prominent. I do wonder what this journey holds for me, and what it will tell me about this life.

I am having trouble keeping Ejnar out of trouble. I spoke a lie of nobility when I said that my duty was to her, for I hold no particular sentiments towards this childish “dignitary.” Still, though, that childishness compels me to look after her, as I suspect that none of the others will have either the will or the patience, and I am not quite so cold-hearted as to simply cast her away. She is in the same conflicted position as the rest of us, and while I fear for the safety of her family, I can only imagine that she is nothing short of terrified. I will keep her close.

In all my hard and calculating manner, I feel I can manage as much as this.

Entry 2

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