Entry 5

I am seized by my distress, and have lashed out at my companions, something I would never have thought to do in clearer moments. My woes have been bolstered thus, and I am ashamed. I do not know what to make of all of this.

A revelation came upon me at the range. Through this life I have seen many a man misstep and falter, whether due to foolishness or recklessness. I have seen the poorest of decisions carried through, and grave consequences arise therefore, and for what, but lack of knowledge. That the greatest wrongs committed are due to hasty action.

But no man is the holder of all secrets. I have been content in my life, thus far, to be removed and to study, and I realize now why it is that I have done so. For I am terrified of decision. If I am always learning, then it must follow that I am always wrong. If I am always wrong, how can I act?

This is my dilemma. I have inadvertently confided this to the elf and the rogue through my lack of restraint, but they could offer me no solace. It seems that I am left to find my own answers. Yet, in this soulless world, one does not always find his sanctuary. By the will of the gods, I pray that I am not so unfortunate.

Entry 5

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