It was decided that I was to be hanged. But they could not string me up, for the rope around my neck was severed. Instead, I have been made to walk the Earth condemned, until the Reaper comes to bury me. You cannot hang yourself by your promises, Jiskadarian – not when they are broken.

You have betrayed me in a manner most despicable, and wrought away what little clarity I could have claimed to possess. You have destroyed the credibility of my word, plummeted me to a state of misanthropy I could never have imagined, and robbed me of my only confidante. I hate you for what you have done, Jiskadarian – I hate you, for hatred is the only part of my heart that remains.

What of Ejnar, who has lost both of her sisters? What of Kraytol, an unspoiled soul worth protecting? What of your grand duty to the state of Jiskadar, a duty so sacred that you would not give an inch but for it? What of anything, noblewoman? Why have you abandoned this life?

I will share your last thoughts with those addressed, for I know now that it is what you wanted. But you will know my thoughts as well, elf. For I shall carry this letter until the day I see you once more, in this life or the next, and you will bear witness to my pain. Until that day, you shall not rest in peace.

Amin khiluva lle a’ gurtha ar’ thar.


Mindosia CursedLemon